The Secret Of David That Every Believer Should Know

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God will deliberately afflict or create problems for someone or even an institution just so he can bless you. As long as you love the Lord, as King Solomon loved him initially before he fell through idolatry, he will not forsake you.

Before God could bless David, he made sure that David had been polished by affliction, been forgotten in the backside of the desert, kept his sheep irrespective, and was attacked by the Lion and the bear in order for David to develop a skill that God could anoint and use to push him from mediocrity to relevance.

David had several skills He was an anointed fighter, leader, and one who played the harp with excellence Check 1 Samuel 16:23 1 Samuel 16:23 And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took -- a harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.

But the key to David’s success is a direct opposite of how we seek success and power. First of all, let us talk of what we do as opposed to what God expects We tend to present or showcase our skills talents, and achievements when seeking opportunities in life like when we apply for jobs or looking for societal recommendations, business breakthroughs, or even when seeking a Godly spouse.

All these are well and good but David's path to success and power was different in that David never sort to position his talent skills and experiences rather he only sort to do one thing, which is to have fellowship and intimacy, he delighted himself in the LORD by learning and playing with passion the harp to the lover of his soul and the scriptures say when you do this God will reveal the secret desires of your heart.

David's intimacy with God through devotion and fellowship even as a lad was what the ruler of Israel King Saul was not kin to do. According to our reference scripture, 1Samuel 16:23 an evil spirit from God tormented King Saul and it took. a man of intimacy, a mam of the secret place, the little lad David to drive the evil spirit.

So through intimacy, David found his way into King Saul's Palace and the bible says that Saul heard about his ability to play the harp in a professional and Godly way and he sort for him to stand before him as his armor-bearer.

Didn't the Bible say that gentiles shall come to your light but kings shall come to the brightness of your rising, David was a man of exceptional value because he loved God and sort him with all his heart and from the back side of the desert he was catapulted with Holy Ghost connection to the palace, because he didn't know anyone, apart from his family so his promotion to be an armor bearer was purely divine.

When God wants to promote you he will show you glimpses of greatness from your future so that you can have a more vivid picture of where he is taking you to.

I believe that was the purpose of Saul asking David to stand before him because later on when David offered to fight Goliath, even King Saul whom he had stood before as armor-bearer could not even remember who he was or what tribe he belonged or who his parents where.

The ability to come closer to your dream or destiny helps in the actual and eventual fulfillment of it and that is why David said in Psalm 86:17 oh God show me a token for good that they who hate me may see it and be ashamed Did you catch that?

David in the scripture we just read asked for a sign from God so that his enemies which are God's enemies will not reproach the name of the LORD by David's experience of delay and abandonment from God.

So his intimacy with God gave him. access to the palace and his anointed skill borne from affliction promoted him as king while. the intimacy that gave him. access kept him there as king over Israel and made him win every battle over all his enemies.

Do you have great plans for your life and destiny? Are you sad or perhaps disgruntled that nobody recognizes your talent, skills, or even experience? It shall still all work together for your good, first of all, seek to know God, desire a genuine walk with him and doors that governors and even presidents can't or won't open will be opened to you in the name of Jesus.

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God bless you.

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