Break The Chains: 20 Powerful Prayers Against Destiny Stagnation

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Prayer is a powerful way to connect to God and receive His supernatural favor. When we pray, we are asking for God’s help in our lives – whether it be for healing, provision, protection, or something else. Having focused prayer points can help you to specifically target and receive the blessings you need. In this article, we will explore 20 prayer points that can help you access supernatural favor in every area of your life.


1. Heavenly Father, I come before You in the mighty name of Jesus and ask that You cut through every demonic stagnation that is hindering Your favor in my life.

Father, I ask that You would break any chains of delay in my life and release the blessings that have been held back from me. May Your grace come quickly upon me to bring about supernatural favor and accelerate Your will for my life. Let all expectations be surpassed as You move on my behalf to give me a divine advantage over every obstacle.

I thank You for breaking through any spiritual blockades preventing the breakthroughs I need in order to accomplish the goals You have set before me. Let these hindrances be released into nothingness as I continue to rely on Your promise of favor over my life. Give me clarity, strength, and assurance that I am being set up for success in all areas of life according to your will.

Lead me into paths of righteousness as I walk confidently knowing that even when things look dire, you are still working all things together for good, even if it’s not yet visible by human eyes or understood by our finite minds. In Jesus’ name, amen!


2. I decree and declare that all forces of darkness will be broken off from my family and me, in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that the power of darkness over my life, family, ministry, and finances will be broken in Jesus' name. I declare that all spiritual forces of wickedness targeting me and my family shall become powerless; they shall be scattered by the word of God in Jesus' name. I reject every form of satanic oppression upon my life and destiny, I claim protection from God against these powers in Jesus' name. I proclaim an end to every attack by evil forces against me, my children, and my loved ones – their power is gone forever in Jesus' mighty name!

I call on the Lord to cast out all spirits of fear, affliction, and doubts from our lives; for all chains holding us down to be broken so that we can walk freely into our promised destinies. Let there arise a wall of fire around us which no weapon formed against us shall prosper in Jesus’ mighty name.

We shall not be moved by any demonic plot or terror fashioned against us as we are covered with the blood of Jesus Christ; no weapon formed against us shall ever prevail according to Isaiah 54:17. In Christ's name, amen!



3. Lord, please restore to me every blessing taken away by the enemy in Jesus’ name.

I pray that all of the enemy's plans to take my favor and blessings away from me be destroyed in Jesus' name. I ask that You would bring restoration of every blessing taken away, Lord. Let supernatural favor overtake me as a shield and protect me against every attack of the enemy in Jesus' name.

Renew my life, Father God, by Your Spirit and fill me with Your divine grace and mercy. Restore the joy of my salvation even more than before in Jesus' name. Give me a double portion of favor so that I may reap where I did not sow, receive abundance when there is lack, overflow when it seems impossible, and be made whole again in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

Let Your Word come alive within me now, let Your promises manifest before my eyes today as You have promised for those who believe in You, amen!



4. Lord, let Your favor break down all doors of stagnation so I can experience supernatural progress in my life today, Amen!

Father, I thank You for surrounding me with supernatural favor every day. Let it lead me to greater heights in my life and bring me before kings and princes. Let Your favor break down all the doors of stagnation that prevent me from experiencing supernatural progress. May my business, career, and overall well-being experience a dramatic shift from lack to abundance as I tap into Your divine favor.

Help me to always recognize opportunities coming my way due to Your favor so I can take advantage of them. Guard my heart against distractions that could hinder its manifestation or make me slow in taking action. Help me remain focused on the goal You have set for me and trust in You alone to help bring it about even when faced with difficult challenges.

Lord, let no situation be too difficult for Your favor to turn around. Give strength and courage when challenging times come so that I may not lose faith in Your promises but instead continue trusting in You fully knowing that nothing is impossible if done according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, Amen!



5. Dear God, power Your Word to break off any form of stagnancy in my spiritual walk with You today!

Father, I thank You that Your Word is alive and full of power! I pray that Your Word will break off any form of stagnancy in my spiritual walk with You today. Help me to remain focused on Your promises and leave behind any negative thinking or ungodly habits that have hindered my growth as a Christian. Let the fire of Your Holy Spirit renew my mind so that I can be empowered by the truth of Scripture.

Remove any kind of complacency from my life, Lord, and replace it with a strong desire for more of You. Remind me daily to draw near to You instead of veering away from what is pleasing in Your sight. Reveal to me the areas in which I need to make improvements in order to honor Your name and live out Your perfect will for me. Give me strength and courage so that I may take bold steps towards furthering my spiritual walk with You each day.

I trust in You, Father! Thank you for continually restoring our relationship through grace so that we may continue growing closer together until eternity comes!



6. In Jesus' Name I bind the spirit of stagnancy and loose the spirit of productivity over my life!

In Jesus' name, I bind the spirit of stagnancy in every area of my life that has caused me to be unproductive. I declare that I am released from every form of spiritual and physical stagnation. Through the finished work of Jesus Christ, I am set free from all forms of blocks, hindrances and limitations. By His stripes, my productivity is restored and resurrected in every area; so that I can experience supernatural favor!

I loose the spirit of productivity over my life today! My strength is renewed like an eagle’s (Isaiah 40:31). My mind is enlightened with wisdom to excel beyond all expectations. The Lord fills me with fresh ideas and divine strategies to produce great results in all areas. My hands are strengthened by God's power that enables me to accomplish greater works than ever before (John 14:12). With Him on my side, nothing shall be impossible for me (Luke 1:37)!



7. Lord Jesus Christ, please purify me with Your blood so that I may receive greater levels of favor from heaven above!

Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly come before You and pray that You purify me with Your blood. Help me to be a clean vessel so that I may receive greater levels of favor from heaven above. May Your blood wash away every stain and uncleanliness in my life. Let the power of Your cleansing sacrifice be the source of my deliverance from all wickedness and sinfulness. May I never take for granted this great gift that You have given us on the cross.

I ask for an outpouring of Your mercy upon me, Lord Jesus Christ, and let it bring forth lasting transformation within my heart and soul. Give me strength to stand against evil forces that seek to keep me down or pull me away from You. Help me to remain faithful in all things, no matter how hard they may become along life's journey. May your favor rest heavily upon my life each day as I strive after righteousness pleasing unto Thee!


8. Almighty God, send a fresh wave of breakthroughs into all areas where there has been stagnation or delay!

We declare a new wave of divine favor that will propel us forward to the next level. We plead for the breath of Your Holy Spirit to come and bring us divine intervention, help, and breakthroughs in every area where stagnation or delay has been our reality. May we experience a refreshing wave of revival and restoration so that our lives can be blessed with unprecedented favor and opportunities.

Let this fresh wave bring an increase in resources, strength, health, and protection over all those who trust in You. Let it come like a refreshing wind that ushers us into supernatural abundance, joy, wisdom, and insight to do the things You have called us to do with excellence. Let it bring revelation and knowledge on how best to steward our time wisely so we can utilize every moment available to accomplish Your plans for our lives.

We thank You for hearing this prayer according to Your will and power! In Jesus' name! Amen!



9. Heavenly Father, bless me with divine insight into how to access favor for prophetic direction over every aspect of my life today!

1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your favor that lights my path and illuminates the way to the fulfillment of my dreams and goals. I receive divine insight into how to access supernatural favor for prophetic direction over every aspect of my life today.

2. Lord, grant me discernment to recognize any area in which I need Your supernatural intervention, so that I may have a foreknowledge of what the enemy plans against me. Help me to be alert and avoid all traps set by the enemy in order for me to experience Your unlimited favor.

3. Thank You God for granting me an overflowing abundance of resources as a sign of your approval and acceptance in order for me to follow through with prophetic direction from You with confidence knowing that it is from You alone that success ultimately comes! In Jesus' name, Amen!



10 . Holy Spirit, fill me now with Your wisdom as I seek out avenues for supernatural favor this day!

1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for granting me supernatural favor in all my endeavors, and I ask that You continue to open doors of favor for me today.

2. Lord, grant me divine insight as I seek out new opportunities so that I can move forward with Your blessings. Help me to remain humble and focused on Your will at all times as I pursue these avenues of favor.

3. Holy Spirit, fill me now with Your wisdom so that my actions may be guided by Your truth and love.


11 . Father God, break through every wall blocking access to your abundance and provision!

Father God, we thank You for Your abundant favor! As we seek Your favor and provision in our lives, break through every wall or obstacle that is blocking us from receiving it. Give us the strength to persevere and the courage to press forward when difficulties arise. Help us to trust in You as we wait patiently for You.

We pray that You would open up doors of opportunity that no man can close and release supernatural blessings into our lives. Equip us with the tools and resources needed to prosper spiritually, materially, physically, and emotionally. Remind us daily of Your faithfulness so that our hope may remain steadfast even when trials come our way.

Give us strength each day to remain faithful stewards of everything You have entrusted into our care - including time, talents, resources, and relationships - so that these may be used for Your glory!




12. Father God, fill every need of my family members this day!

Father God, we thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness over our family. We ask that you would abundantly provide for all of our physical needs this day. Grant us financial favor to pay bills and provide for our households in abundance. Fill us with wisdom, discernment, and knowledge so that we may navigate through life’s difficulties with Your guidance. Supply us with the resources necessary to fulfill each of our dreams according to Your will. Help us overcome any obstacle and ward off any attack from the enemy as we go about our daily activities. Put a hedge of protection around each member of my family so that no harm can come near us or overtake us in Jesus' name! Amen!




13 . Father God, I thank You for Your extravagant provision and protection as we go out to do Your work!

Father God, I thank You for the favor that You lavish upon us as we do Your work. I thank You for Your extravagant provision and protection as we go out to fulfill Your will. Lord, I pray that You would give us supernatural favor in every area of our lives – favor with employers, coworkers, family members, and friends. May we always be in the right place at the right time so that opportunities open up for us to do good works according to Your purpose and plan?

Lord, help us to recognize those divine appointments when they come our way and use them to bring glory and honor to Your name. Strengthen our faith in difficult times so that we can trust in You even when things don’t look favorable from a human perspective. Show us how to walk through every challenge with grace and courage as servants of Your kingdom. Give us wisdom as we make decisions about which path is best for each endeavor – may it always be aligned with Your will! In Jesus' mighty name, Amen!




14 . Father God, I thank You for the provision, protection, and blessing on my job!

Father God, I thank You for the provision and blessing that You have caused to rest upon my job. I thank You for the opportunity to work and earn an honest living. Lord, You open doors for me that no man can shut and close doors no one can open. I don't take this privilege lightly, knowing that this is a gift from Your hand.

I also thank you Lord for Your protection on my job. Thank You that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper in Jesus' name! I receive favor before employers, co-workers, and subordinates so that my career will progress without interruption or distraction from any source whatsoever. By Your grace, I am shielded from any kind of harm or danger at work in Jesus' name!

Finally, Father God, I thank you for the supernatural favor with which you have surrounded my workplace. Let every good thing come to me speedily as I serve faithfully according to Your will! Grant me great success according to Your promises so that even in difficult times such as these, your divine favor will be seen on my life in Jesus' name! Amen.



15 . Father God, I thank You for Your mercy, grace, and favor in my finances!

1. Father God, I thank You for Your promise of a financial breakthrough in my life. Thank You that the resources You have promised me are already mine and I will experience them in abundance.

2. Lord, may Your mercy be upon me as I seek to be faithful with the finances You have entrusted to me and use Your provision wisely and faithfully. Help me to remember that everything comes from You and it is all a blessing from above.

3. Thank You for granting favor in my finances so that I can pay off any debt, increase savings, invest well, provide for others, and give generously according to Your will. May I never forget that all of this belongs to you first before it belongs to me and may my heart always overflow with gratitude towards you no matter what blessings come my way!



16 . Father God, I thank You that Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!

Father God, I thank You for guiding me with Your Word and for providing the light of understanding. Thank You for showing me the way and giving me the wisdom to discern between right and wrong. I appreciate that Your Word is sufficient to direct me in every situation. Lord, help me to trust Your direction no matter how difficult it may be at times. Keep my heart open to Your instruction so that I only pursue what You have ordained for my life.

Help me to keep a teachable spirit and an attitude of humility as I seek out knowledge from your Word. May I never be too proud or arrogant to accept correction when necessary; instead, may I use every opportunity as an opportunity to grow closer in my relationship with You. Let Your truth transform the way I think and live so that more of Your will can be manifested in my life. Amen!


17 . I thank You that Your Word is a shield unto my body and saves me from the evil one!

I thank You, Lord, that Your Word is a shield unto my body. Your Word protects me from the evil one and his schemes. Comfort me in the knowledge that You are watching over me and will protect me from harm. Help me to trust in Your protection and strength as I face each day.

Your Word is powerful; it is more than enough to guard against any attack from the enemy. I believe that no weapon formed against me shall prosper for You have promised this in Your Word. Give me the confidence to stand firm on this truth knowing that You will not fail or forsake me even when things seem overwhelming or challenging.

Thank you for being my defender, my protector, and my deliverer from danger. May I never forget the power of Your promises and use them as a shield around my life each day! Amen!



18. Father God, I thank You for Your unconditional love, compassion, and mercy!

Father God, I thank You for Your unconditional love that knows no bounds. Your compassion is like the depths of an ocean and fills me with a sense of security and peace. Your mercy never fails to amaze me, for it is always there when I need it most. No matter how far I have strayed from You, You still come running back with open arms to embrace me in all my imperfections. The way You love me so unconditionally has changed my life forever and made me into the person I am today.

I stand before You now humbled by Your grace and overflowing with thankfulness for all that you have done in my life up till this point. Though times may be tough, I know that if I put my trust in You then the outcome will be something beautiful beyond what I ever imagined possible. So Father God, thank you once again for Your unconditional love and mercy towards me! Let it fill every crevice of my heart until there is nothing left but joy radiating from within!



19. Father God, I thank You for the gift of Life!

Father God, I thank You for the gift of Life! I am grateful for Your endless grace and mercy that have kept me alive each day. You have faithfully blessed me with the opportunity to rise each morning and start a brand new day. Every breath is a blessing from You, Lord!

I thank You for the beauty of life and its possibilities. With gratefulness, I recognize Your gracious presence in my life at every twist and turn. As I journey through this life, may I be filled with strength and courage to overcome whatever challenges that come along my way? Thank You, Father God, for enabling me to glorify Your name in everything I do!

Thank you also for all the spiritual gifts that You have bestowed upon me. Help me to use them wisely so as to bring glory unto Your holy name. May they be used not only for my benefit but also for the good of those around me too. These blessings, make a lasting impression on everyone whose paths cross mine today. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen!



20. Father God, I thank You for giving me victory over all my enemies!

Father, I thank You for Your goodness and mercy that have kept me through the battles and storms of life. I thank You for giving me victory over all my enemies - both visible and invisible. I receive strength in my heart to stand up against every form of opposition, hindrance, and obstacle that come my way. Whenever the enemy rises up against me, let him be scattered in Jesus' name! Let every plan and scheme of the enemy fail before they even begin. Grant me favor wherever I go; in my career endeavors, relationships, finances, studies, etc. Let Your favor always speak for me far beyond what any man can do or say on my behalf. Amen!



In conclusion, the  prayers to break demonic stagnation have been a powerful tool to help free people from spiritual bondage and oppression. Through these prayers, believers can reclaim their identity in Christ and experience the breakthroughs they need for success and abundance in life. By calling on God’s name with faith-filled declarations, we can break any demonic stronghold and open up new doorways of blessing. The power of prayer is real, and it demonstrates our willingness as believers to trust God even when things seem impossible. May these prayers bring freedom and peace into your life as you humbly walk through this journey with faith-filled steps.








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