“Overcoming Offence: 10 Things to Learn from John the Baptist and Jesus”

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Forgiveness is a central theme in Christianity, with Jesus Christ teaching His followers to love and forgive one another as He has loved and forgiven them. However, forgiveness is not always easy, especially when we have been offended by someone we trusted or admired. In the Bible, we find examples of people who struggled with offense and forgiveness, including John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. In this blog post, we will explore 10 lessons on forgiveness and offense that we can learn from the relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus. These lessons are still relevant today and can help us in our journey toward healing, restoration, and reconciliation. So, let's dive into the biblical account of John the Baptist and Jesus to gain insights that can transform our perspectives and relationships.

1. Even strong believers like John the Baptist can struggle with doubt and offense. (Matthew 11:2-3)


2. Offense can cause a rift in relationships and create distance between people. (Matthew 11:6)


3. Offense can be rooted in unrealistic expectations or misunderstandings. (Matthew 11:3)


4. It's important to communicate openly and honestly about your feelings with the person who has offended you. (Matthew 11:4-6)


5. We should never allow an offense to overshadow the truth of God's love and plan for our lives. (Matthew 11:4-6)


6. Forgiveness is key to healing and reconciliation. (Matthew 11:2-3, Luke 7:47-48)


7. We should be careful not to judge others based on our own expectations or experiences. (Matthew 11:6)


8. Humility is important in relationships and can help prevent an offense from taking root. (John 3:30)


9. It's important to maintain a focus on God and His will rather than our own desires. (John 3:30)


10. God's plan is bigger than our individual experiences and it's important to trust in His sovereignty. (John 3:27)



The relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus teaches us valuable lessons about forgiveness and offense that are still relevant today. We have seen how offense can cause a rift in relationships and distance between people, and how forgiveness is key to healing and reconciliation. We have also learned about the importance of open and honest communication, avoiding judgment, and maintaining humility in our relationships. Ultimately, we must trust in God's plan, even when it doesn't align with our own desires or expectations. As followers of Christ, we are called to love and forgive one another, just as He has loved and forgiven us. By applying the lessons learned from John the Baptist and Jesus, we can build stronger and healthier relationships, and experience true healing and restoration.








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