Sexual Immorality – How The Devil Destroys Anointed & Chosen Ones (This is an Eye Opener )

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Sex is beneficial. I am aware that the first sentence has undoubtedly left you perplexed, but it is true. Sexuality is not bad. It's great. God is not against sex. He is the one who gave us our needs for reproduction and our passions. I am aware that stereotypes and television portray God as being opposed to sex and other forms of happiness. Neither does he. Sin is the only thing he despises.

No, sex is not a sin. You might wonder whether it is. It is sex that takes place outside of marriage. That is wrong. You violate morals and sin against God when you engage in sexual activity with a person you are not married to. God intended marriage to be the sole setting in which man and woman may enjoy sex. Therefore, having intercourse with someone you are married to is okay in God's eyes.

Marriage and sex both have great power because they firmly bind you to your partner. And because you are dedicated to one another, you may be completely vulnerable. Having several sexual partners or having sex outside of marriage is very different from this. Whatever it seems will hurt you in the end. After such sexual interactions, many people struggle with despair, and many try to hide it by watching more sexy movies or using drugs. The truth is that when you stray from God's will, you are no longer covered by his protection.

When we try to rebel against God and His rules, we suffer because those rules are ultimately for our benefit. The devil uses sex as a weapon against people outside of marriage even though it is good within marriage. The Bible does not avoid this subject; rather, it provides stories of men who have struggled with sexual temptation. While some fell, others did not. Jacob had his first child, Reuben. He was the one we would have expected to benefit the most from his father as a result. But he received curses as opposed to benefits. What caused him to commit sexual sin? He lost his father's approval after he had an affair with her. He may have briefly enjoyed the intercourse, but it cost him later. In actuality, the pain he was experiencing was greater than the joy. This is how the devil attacked him using sexual sin as a weapon.

The adversary tempts us by using our flaws. So, in order to avoid giving in, we must exercise caution. As he did to Reuben, he uses extramarital sex as a weapon to hurt several people. David has known God from a young age. He was crowned king when he was still a child, and despite having no prior experience in combat, he even defeated the great Goliath. He had numerous spouses after becoming king, each for a different cause. However, he committed a sexual sin and had an affair with another man's wife. This demonstrates that if you lack self-control, marriage won't make your lust go away. You would have assumed David would have been content given his large number of wives.

One day, when he was relaxing on the roof of his palace, he noticed a woman taking a bath. He requested that she be brought to him, and they had a sexual encounter. The wife soon informed him that she was expecting a child. In an effort to atone for his transgression before returning home, David sent for her husband, who was in the foreground, at this point. However, the husband made the decision to not spend the night at home, and David was responsible for his death by sending him to the most hazardous area of the battlefield and seducing Bathsheba. God sent the prophet Nathan to David to inform him of the wrongdoing he had committed. He instantly recognized his error and expressed regret. God pardoned him, but he still had to deal with certain consequences.

Absalom, Bathsheba's son, slept with his wives in broad daylight while the child Bathsheba gave birth to perished. That error caused a lot of suffering for his family. That gave the devil the chance to greatly damage him, which he did. The pleasure of sexual transgression pales in comparison to the consequences of disobedience. Jacob cherished his son Joseph, and he loved him dearly. When he told his siblings about his greatness-inspired dreams, they became envious and sold him into slavery.



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