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Let us Pray:

Oh God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, Comforter, and Counselor. You, the True and Triune God, are praised. I have my very existence because of Your might and majesty. Only You have a plan for my life, and Your timing and placement in this world couldn't be more precise. Please help me never forget Your majesty and grace. I come to You through Christ this day to give thanks for the gift of life and the gifts we've received. As we pursue the Father's pure and perfect plan for our life, Holy Spirit, truthfully convey the substance of our souls now and always.

Today, I acknowledge my shortcomings, the ingrained habits I have yet to break, and the stubborn resistance that has taken up residence in the recesses of our souls. Put an end to our apathy and give us a newfound appreciation for the significance of prayer, Your Word, and You, Father. see what the bible says below about his ability to transform our hearts through his word:

"How can a young man stay pure?
Only by living in the Word of God and walking in its truth.
10 I have longed for you with the passion of my heart;
don’t let me stray from your directions!
11 I consider your Word to be my greatest treasure,
and I treasure it in my heart
to keep me from committing sin’s treason against you." 

Psalms 119:9-11

Bring us back to You, remake us, and show me how to pray to You with an open heart and mind at all times. Bestow your mercy on me, and help me recover from the emotional and physical wounds I've endured. Help me to overcome my challenges and help me to take time to appreciate my times of worship.

Father help me always and make me follow Your lead.

Show me how to pray effectively for myself and for the people You've put in my life so that I can pray for them. Bring harmony, cooperation, and love to all the nations of the earth through the love of Christ.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.



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