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Apostle Joshua Selman, Talks about the advantage that the " Prophetic " brings to provoking solutions in a believer's journey when bound by obstacles, In this powerful message he emphasizes that though the "prophetic" has been abused in various circles, it shouldn't be avoided because kings, particularly in bible Days where dependent on "Prophets" and the " Prophetic" in making major economic policy decisions For their nations...✍️

You will become like what you are looking at. If the only thing you see is pain, it will keep multiplying. If the only thing you see is discouragement, to keep multiplying, the Bible says and we all with unveiled face, beholding him as in a mirror it says we are changed. We are changed. From weakness to strength. We are changed from shame to glory. We are changed from tears to rejoicing. We are changed from morning to joy. It says you have turned my mourning into dancing you have turned my sorrow to joy. The animals in the days of Jacob whatever they looked at, they reproduced after what they were looking at. Many of you have been setting your eyes on the economy of nations. The problem in your family tonight I want you to take your eyes away from them. I know you came with a medical report. I know you came crying saying Lord tonight if you don't visit me there is no way. We're talking about the God of heaven. They looked onto him and their faces were lightened there is no shame in looking onto him. For his, the glory of the Father even revealed in the face of Jesus' name we pray.

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This is yet another explosive message exposition by Apostle Joshua Selman. please download, listen and share with friends and family to be a blessing to everyone, God bless you as you do.

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