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Prayer Intro Charge:

One of my favorite Bible verses is found in Psalm 91. Whoever resides in the Most High's secret chamber will be protected by the Almighty. "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God," I shall declare about the Lord. The protection we receive as God's children if we choose to live in His presence is the subject of the entire chapter. If Jehovah is our God, our refuge, and our fortress, what can we desire that we may not be certain to find in Him?, says one Bible interpretation on this chapter. Since he is neither physical nor untrue, neither are we or moral; he is God and not a man, there is no chance of being let down by him. We are aware of who we have trusted. That supports my faith and gives me miraculous assurance. So, would you stand with me in agreement? Would you amplify your faith in the knowledge that God is unique and will be our defender?



Now, let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father, I come into your courts with gratitude and into your gates with praise in the name of Jesus Christ. I wish to convey my life and express my gratitude for Your kindness. I appreciate your presence in my life, Lord. You are the Almighty God, the Great I AM, the Lord. I claim that you are my safe haven. The principal pillar is you. And I make the decision to put my faith in the real, living God. You shield me from life's storms and challenges. I invoke Jesus' blood on every member of my family for their protection and for the preservation of life. I thus pronounce and declare that the gates of hell shall not withstand my efforts or those of my loved ones. In the name of Jesus, I pledge myself and my family to your care.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I have anointed each and every doorpost and window post of my house with the blood of Jesus for protection. Lord, you have declared you will not allow sickness and disease to come near me; may your pillar of fire be visible where my family and I spend every night. Consequently, I hereby announce that I am immune to illness and disease. I ask that you keep an eye out for anything that tries to harm my family and I that we cannot see. No demonic being from hell, evil spirit, or generational curses Because of you, God, no bad things will happen to me or my family. I ask that you keep my family and I safe.

You promised in Psalm 91, "You will guard me from the horror by night and the arrow that flies by day," and I've now received that assurance in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the name that was given power above other names. You are a person of your word, in my opinion. God, your word is reliable and unchanging. I am a believer because of Psalm 91:10. Nothing bad will happen to my family or me. In the name of Jesus, no one will enter my home or be close to my body. Even though I might not be able to see with my eyes, I trust your word that you have given your angels control over my family and I. Lord, you are the one one who has the last word in my life, and you are a God who always delivers.

I stand and proclaim your promise. No instrument created to harm me shall prosper. We cannot be destroyed by an enemy's weapon. Considering that our deliverer is the God of the skies. Who can be against us if God is on our side? You are always dependable, Lord Jesus. Right now, I'm hiding out in you. For my life and the lives of my family, I asked that you provide protection and coverage. I have faith that you are the beginning and the end at this time of ambiguity. You are the eternal God who has always existed. The plans you have for us, according to your word, are excellent and won't harm us. plans for a future and hope for us. I shall trust in your God. if I have inquiries. You have solutions for problems that I'm not sure I'll ever encounter. You have already alerted others and are already there.

Therefore, even though my thinking may occasionally be uneasy, I will not stray from God's Word. My thoughts regarding what is happening around me could be hazy. But I am confident that there is a God who leads me and goes before me. And even though I don't know what tomorrow or the future may contain, I do know that you are a God who will never leave us or forsake us, as it says in Psalms 37, verse 25: "I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging." According to your word, you will be a stronghold in trying times. You give me strength and comfort. You represent the Judah tribe like a lion. I also prayed for divine protection in light of the current state of the globe. I prayed for divine intervention.

I invoke the blood of Jesus to create a protective wall around my family and me. We welcome your presence into our lives, our homes, and our hearts as we pray together as a group. We will be shielded from the problems of this world because we know that there is safety in being in God's presence, even for the one who is currently going through difficulties. We trust in your word, which declares that God is our fortress and our fortress, a very present aid in trouble; may they see your hand despite the circumstances, and may they perceive your protection despite the appearance of things. You are the waymaker, the King of kings. "Fear not, for I am with you," your word says, and I proclaim and declare it to be true.

I am your God, so do not be alarmed. I will support you with my righteous hand, I will strengthen you, and I will assist you. You support me, thus I have nothing to fear or be afraid of. And, Lord Jesus, Your word declares, "You will be with me while I go across the waters." The rivers won't overpower me when I move through them. I won't get burned when I pass through the fire, and the flame won't eat me up. I appreciate your assurance in the form of your word. Fill my spirit and soul with your presence. rejuvenated those who were burdened with heavy loads and fatigue. I ask that you help those who are emotionally fragile, support those who are in distress, console the bereaved, heal the wounded, and get extremely near to everyone who needs emotional support.

According to your word, you are close to people who are downcast and despondent and that you heal the brokenhearted. We are certain that everything will work out because you are seated on the throne. According to your dazzling riches in Christ Jesus, you have promised to supply every need. For everybody listening and willing to receive, kindly supply the emotional healing they need in accordance with your word. I hereby decree that melancholy and depression are to leave.

Anxiety and concern must disappear. I ask for solace and for your blessings to descend. I offer prayers for everyone who feels like their life is being torn apart by a storm. May Your presence sooth the waves, whatever the occasion or situation. We ask that your favor be upon us. Please remind us to entirely depend on you. focusing on Christ, Jesus. We adore your sanctified name. Amen.



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