“Unlock the Power of Gratitude in Difficult Situations”

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"Where in the world did that nasty, ugly notion come from?" we wonder from time to time. It did not come from the outside world. It's a fiery dart thrown from hell. You could be in church, praying, or doing something quite honorable when, suddenly, a hot dart aflame with lust or gossip, cynicism or fury enters your head.

The shield of faith is the sole defense against such an assault. … When Roman soldiers went into battle, their opponents would not only shoot flaming arrows at them, but would also toss them into the air above them. So, how did the Romans respond? The front row would form a protective wall by holding their four-foot-by-two-foot shields side by side in front of them. The remaining warriors held their shields above their heads, forming a protective canopy.

What do you do when you're bombarded with flaming darts of desire, cynicism, envy, fury, or gossip? "Run from them, and follow after faith, righteousness, charity, and peace with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart," Paul advised his young protege Timothy (see 2 Timothy 2:22).

In other words, flee from sin and seek refuge with your brethren behind the shield of faith. Enter the congregation. Attend the prayer meeting. Attend Bible study. Corporate worship, learning, and prayer provide a covering not found separately. Many a person has fled a specific lust only to encounter a worse one because he did not seek refuge in the community of those who seek faith and righteousness, love, peace, and purity.

When you're attacked with fire darts, gang, get to church. Run as fast as you can to those who will provide you with a shield of protection.



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