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If people can walk away from your love, let them. This might be something you've heard before. You might think it's a cliche that it's easier to say than to do. Still, it's true. No one said it was easy to let go.

It's one of the most difficult things to do. People coming into our lives and then leaving again have caused some of the deepest hurts we've ever felt. Let people go when they leave you, when they walk away from you, or when they have the courage to leave you. You can cry as much as you want, because it hurts. You can feel sad about them, miss them for a while, and show some emotion.

They were important to you, and you can't forget that. They broke a promise by leaving you with nothing. You will know. It would be a lie to say that you shouldn't show how sad you are when someone leaves your life. Listen, when you're done being sad and letting out your pain, don't stay there. Don't keep them.

Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move on. This is not the end of everything. You won't die because of it. You need to realize that no one person is in charge of your life, your happiness, your sense of fulfillment, or your sense of being whole. God and you both have a hand in it, my friend. Tell yourself that over and over. I've seen a lot of people stop living because someone left them. Some people fall into deep depression, and some even kill themselves.

No, no, no, my friend, you are more valuable than you realize. You were made for much bigger things than your mind can understand. No one makes you take your own life. You don't destroy your great destiny because someone else couldn't see it. No, you don't. People coming and going is what life is all about. Get over it. In fact, I'll remind you that you might not have known this before. Not everyone who enters your life is supposed to be there.

You have to learn to think of people in terms of the seasons and stages of their lives. Yes, you are correct. You have to learn how to tell who is in the right season or phase of life and who is not. Some people should come into your life in the morning, while others should come in the afternoon or at night. Some of these people will only be there in the morning and the afternoon. Some people will stay until night. You can't mix up the people who are supposed to stay for a while with the people who are supposed to stay for a while.

Many of us get into problems in our lives today because we try to keep temporary people in our lives. You didn't know the difference between people and seasons, so you fell in love with and married that man. He was probably meant to help you through a season of your life or something. So you wouldn't lose him, you tied yourself to him and got married to him. Yes, he was a great person. Who was there when there was no one else? Yes, he was someone you could lean on, talk to, and reach out to when you needed help.

But it only lasted a while. He was only supposed to be there for one season. You didn't know this, though, so you kept him. Then the season ended, and you fell into a dark time in your life. Now you can see things you never thought could be true. You see things that weren't there before. Now, life is as bad as hell.

But if that person had left earlier, you would have known it. You might have thought that God was mean. You would have gotten down on yourself. You might have thought you weren't good enough. That wouldn't have made sense to you. They had done what they had to do. A new season is about to start.

Dear friend, In Isaiah 55:8-9, it says, "My thoughts are not the same as your thoughts. The Lord says that my ways are not the same as yours. As the sky is higher than the earth, so are my ways and thoughts higher than yours.


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