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There is not such a thing as a neutral position when it comes to having faith in Jesus Christ. One foot must always be inside the other. concerning the things of God. When it comes to serving Jesus Christ or not, you can never be unsure. A lukewarm individual is not tolerated by the Lord. Either you have a passionate love for the Lord or you have a chilly rejection of Him.

There is no room for compromise. Come near to God, and He will draw near to you, the Bible says in James 4:8. You sinners, wash your hands, and you hypocrites, purify your hearts. We cannot be divided if we call ourselves followers of Christ. We must give God our everything. Then He will approach us and provide us everything we require to lead that unconventional yet fruitful life. Think on what Jesus said and Matthew 6:24. Nobody can have two masters at once. Because he can't love one and detest the other. Or else he will be loyal to one and hate the other. Serving both God and money is impossible.


Here is an activity for you right now. Any other term will do in place of "money." God and your career are incompatible. God cannot be served while seeking approval from others. Both your addiction and God are conflicting. We cannot honestly call ourselves God's disciples if we are not entirely devoted to Him. Being a Christian half-heartedly might sometimes be worse than not being one at all. Take note of how forceful these words are—additionally, verses 15 and 16 of Revelation 3. I am aware of your actions and that you are neither hot nor cold. I might want for you to be hot or cold. I shall then vomit you out of my mouth since you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot. You have a decision to make if you can adequately comprehend the opportunity that Jesus is laying before you. Give Him your entire existence. And let him change you and bless you. You can also be adamant about doing things your way. And God may fade into the background.

The decision is ours Saints can submit, revolt, submit to Christ, or submit to the devil. either serve the world or serve Jesus. There isn't a third choice. You belong to either one of the camps. You can never simultaneously be a member of both sides. Do not love the world or the things in the world, First John urges in verse 15. Anyone who loves the world does not possess the love of the Father. The pride of life, the lust of the eyes, and the lust of the flesh are all products of the world, not of the Father. This may come off as harsh. But John is saying that we must have such a deep love for the Lord that we are prepared to sacrifice everything for him. even the things that we adore the most. In light of the richness we have in Christ, we must consider them to be a loss. What would you sacrifice for Jesus Christ? I think that every one of us can be accused of loving the world more than we love God. We frequently place more emphasis on things of this world than on God. The truth is that we cannot spend equally as much time pursuing God as earthly pleasure. We cannot have friendships with both God and the world.

God is deserving of our whole attention. What therefore ought we do in light of these circumstances? We must fervently seek after God's things. Attempt to make it a part of your life. Strive for inner renewal. Avoid having two minds. Focusing solely on Jesus will enable you to block out all other distractions. Now that the Lord is in the forefront of our minds and hearts. Let's approach him in prayer together. You are deserving of our undivided devotion,

Father in heaven. And nothing compares to the delight of getting to know and pursue you. You are the God who made us, who saved us, who nourished us, and every day we have ever lived, you have given me the gift of eternal life and a totally restored relationship with you, my God, in exchange for my heart. How, therefore, could I devote my time and attention to anything else, Lord? How could I possibly be undecided? When You, Lord Jesus, have extended to me the greatest love of all. Please pardon me for having two minds. Please pardon me for all the times I've shown a lack of interest in you. God, kindle a fire inside of me so that I'll be driven to serve You.

Please pardon me, Lord, for all the times I've compromised on matters that upset you. I want to give all to you, Lord. I strive to live a life of respect and obedience. I want my faith to grow until there is no more room for uncertainty. Lord, Your words are found in Luke 9:62. No one is suitable for God's kingdom who works hard and then looks back. I want to start working now and move forward without looking back. God then offers me insight. My ability to distinguish between right and wrong was blessed by the Lord. encouraged me to maintain my position that Your word is unchanging, regardless of what the world says, and helped me to see sin for what it is. And to remain steadfast in what matters to you. I chopped off all other masters with your help, Father. Whether it be money, success, or notoriety.

I ask God to remove all of my restrictions and the authority that I have over them. if you don't like it. I entrust it to you, God. Break every tie holding me back. King Jesus, take my heart; it is properly yours. Don't let me get cold as I experience all the highs and lows of life. God, please keep me from losing interest in your kindness, grace, and flawless plan. In your kingdom, make me a fervent servant. Lord. I am aware that time is limited. And when I die, Lord Jesus, or when you come back. I want to be known as Your servant. Lord, I want to spend all of my time helping you and not spending it on useless things.

Please give me the strength to let go of the individuals and things that obstruct my walk with you. because the value of you exceeds that of anything in the world. You are my everything. Lord, make it easier for me to put you before all else I value. I'm giving you my complete attention right now. Dear Jesus. I only want to serve you. I offer you my entire life. I will no longer focus on anything or any comfort on earth, including pleasure. I'll live to get to know you and to let everyone know about you. I ask in Jesus' name, Amen.

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