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Remember that when Joseph dreamed that his brothers would bow down to him, the dream eventually came true. However, something was lacking from that dream. His dream concerned his future. but, the dream did not depict his being sold into slavery. The dream did not contain the parts in which he spent numerous years in prison or was lied to. Then why doesn't God offer us the complete picture? Because the trip to our goal may terrify us and drive us to abandon the mission, we typically do not realize how strong we are until we have no other choice but to rely on our strength. If the Children of Israel had known that the Red Sea and 40 years of desert travel lay in their path, they would have chosen a different route. At the beginning of my walk with God, I had no idea that I could handle some of the trials that God eventually put me through. And if he had shown me all the obstacles I would face too early, I believe I would have stopped from the start. There is beauty in not having all the information. This is the essence of faith. God knows what you're capable of handling today. And as long as you continue to follow God, you won't even know how you got there. Because God desires the fulfillment of our destinies even more than we do.
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