How To Have Authority Over fear And cast It Out !

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Fear has a spirit that is tied to it. When you interact with the Spirit, you are doing so with an intelligent being.

It won't leave on its own. It cannot be asked to go. It won't go away if you pray for it to. It must be ordered to go. Furthermore, you can only order something to depart if you have authority over it.

You take full control over it in the name of Jesus, and you have the power to expel them from your life in his name. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, depart from me, you evil spirit.

You do not own me. I am a part of Jesus. I've been reborn. The blood has been used to wash me. I am a divine child. You don't have a right over me. You don't have any territory here. In the name of the Son of God, I appoint myself your ruler.


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