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The Bible makes it abundantly clear that we have a foe who has no favorable plans for us. The devil won't be gracious to us. He will not treat us well. He is a burglar. Christ Jesus reveals this to us. Thieves do not intend for their victims to suffer. We are taught that Satan's ultimate goal is to steal our souls, but if he can also steal our joys, hopes, and tranquility, he will. Additionally, he is said to have the intent to kill, steal, and destroy.

And. He can get these in a variety of ways, but that is his ultimate goal. We have two very significant instruments that God has given to us: prayer and his word. We need to approach God in a confident manner. We don't need to be timid or hesitant when we approach our father because we are his children. God is ready to hear our requests and answer them. All of God's promises are true, and he keeps his word.

Yes. Also, amen. Let us pray the following with the knowledge that he hears us and will act as we approach him to ask him to stop the terrible plans the enemy has for us. If you are able to offer this prayer each day,


So let's pray. God the Father. I appreciate it. The Bible states that I am your child and that you have granted everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior the opportunity to do so. I appreciate your reassurance. As your child, I am protected by you and I am your property. I appreciate you informing me of the enemy's preparations.

You informed me that he just intends to murder and destroy because I am aware of the enemy's strategies and goals. In the name of Jesus Christ, I am able to stand my ground against him. Father, I appreciate that you did not leave me in the dark and make me so susceptible to his ruses. I thus declare and command that in my life, God's goals and designs shall prevail.

I thus declare and command that the devil's schemes shall not succeed. You have used your word as a weapon against the enemy in addition to exposing his plans and cunning techniques. Your word is powerful. Because the Bible is more potent and incisive than any two-edged sword, it is living and active. It assesses the thoughts and attitudes of the heart and pierces even to the marrow, joints, and soul.

I appreciate your word. I ask for protection from your word in the name of Jesus. I renounce the enemy's plans using your word. I cover myself in God's armor so that I can be. to defend oneself against the devil's wilds. Father, when I am hard pushed on all sides, I pray for you to be my hiding spot because your armor provides me the power to battle all Satan does to hurt me.

Be my haven and protect me from the evil that Satan is preparing to do to me. I ask the Lord to keep me safe from harm when it comes my way. Like the mountains that encircle Jerusalem, surround me. Be my support and refuge, Lord God. an ever-present source of assistance. Father, I ask that you protect me from Satan's attempts to murder me. Your word says that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life.

Give me your life, please. When death comes after me, I pray that your word, which promises that I will not perish but live to proclaim the deeds of the Lord in the name of Jesus, will be applied to me. Hallelujah. In Jesus' name, Lord, I thus decree that there will be no more demonic attacks, lack, distress, disease, despair, or drama. Any plot against me by people or demons is hereby void due to the blood of Jesus.

I rebuff any disparaging remarks made against me or my family under the authority of Jesus. All generational curses and generational spirits are rejected by me, and they are destroyed by the power of Jesus' name. They're all over now! In the name of Jesus, there shall be no poverty or lack in my home. Lord, you've promised to make up for the years that the Palmer worm, the canker worm, the caterpillar, and the locust devoured. I won't go a day without something that was taken.

I undo the thief's schemes to hurt me. The devil has no claim to these things since you have provided me with all I need for life and godliness. In the name of Jesus, I sincerely appreciate your ability to heal. I stand on your word that we are persecuted but not abandoned, perplexed but not in despair, struck down but not destroyed, and hard pressed but not crushed when the adversary comes to destroy.

You won't permit the devil to rule over me. The overall victory that Satan will deliver my way is given to me by your spirit. I have prevailed. We demand that the enemy's powers be broken off in our life in the unsurpassable name of Jesus, who makes us victorious. Be severed from our homes and from our marriages.

Be removed from both our minds and our wallets. In the name of Jesus, I renounce any fearful feelings or thoughts. You are my helper, so instead of giving me a spirit of fear, you have given me a spirit of strength, love, and wise judgment. I won't be afraid of what the adversary can do to me.

My soul is safe with you, Lord, so I won't be afraid of what he can do to my body. I hereby vow that you are my rock and that you won't ever desert or abandon me. You give me courage. You cannot fail, thus I have nothing to fear. And I can't fail with you. My loved ones can't let me down. My kids are too good to fail. I give thanks to the Lord that no weapon formed against me or my family will be successful.

You have given me the power to condemn every tongue that rises in judgment against me. I am a servant of the Lord, thus I stand in this heritage. And you, Lord, high Father, are the source of my righteousness. I vow that with your help, I can accomplish anything. In Christ, I am more than a conqueror.

Jesus. Nothing can ever take away from me the love of God in Christ. And by that I mean that no matter what happens—whether it is famine, nakedness, peril, or a sword—nothing will be able to separate me from your love in Christ. Likewise, no matter how much suffering I endure, nothing will be able to separate me from your love when I am persecuted.

Jesus. In the name of Jesus, nothing will keep me apart. I offer the Psalm 91 verses in prayer for myself and my family. As I reject everything that Satan would do his best to throw against us. Hi God. Please make it possible for me to stay in your shadow and live in your haven. Help me to find refuge in you, God. Deliver me from the enemy's trap and any bad he sends my way.

Lord, cover me; shield me under your wings. You are dependable. Oh my God I won't be afraid of the darkness' dread or any evil in the light. I won't be concerned about nighttime damage or pestilence. 10,000 may fall to my right and 1,000 may fall to my side, but neither will come close to me. I reiterate 10,000 may fall to my right and 1,000 may fall to my side, but neither will come close to me.

Lord, help me to cancel whatever the enemy has in store for me. I believe in what you have planned for me. You've stated that your goals are to make me prosperous rather than hurt me. You intend to give me a future and some hope. In the name of Jesus Christ, I firmly enshrine your revealed plans. Oh my God Any gaps the devil could have in my life, so I can close them with the help of the holy spirit.

I'd like to read these Scriptures over your life right now. Let each of these scriptures' promises come to pass in your life. "Fear not, for I am with thee; be not frightened, for I am your God," says Isaiah in chapter 41, verse 10. I'll support you and I'll aid you. With the help of my righteous hand, I will support you.

But the Lord is trustworthy. He will secure your position and protect you from the devil. What a beautiful verse, God will protect you from the devil. Whoever resides in the highest refuge will remain under the protection of the All-Powerful. Saying to the Lord, "You are my refuge and my fortress," you will answer, "My God in him will I trust." He will undoubtedly rescue you from the Fowler's trap and the deadly disease.

He will protect you with his pinions, and you will find safety under his wings. In the name of Jesus, his fidelity is a shield and buckler.

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