7 Steps to Praying Effectively & Releasing Breakthroughs in Your Life

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There is a solution if you've been wondering why your prayers don't seem to be working. We share with you here the 7 steps of effective prayer from the Bible that have a 100% success rate.
There is a solution if you've been praying but feel like nothing is happening. You can pray for anything, and if you believe that you have received it, it will be yours, according to Mark 11:24. The technique for this kind of successful prayer that is 100% effective is clearly laid forth in the Bible.
You were created to lead a fruitful, victorious Christian life. God has great things in store for you. He has reserved an abundant inheritance for you to enjoy. But God's desire is not always carried out. You must play a part.
Here are the seven steps to prayer that work if you're ready to have a 100% success rate in your prayers.

Step No. 1: Incorporate God's Word into your prayers

"We can approach God with confidence knowing that he will hear our prayers if they are in accordance with his desire. And if we are confident that he hears us, then we know that we have received what we requested from him. 1 John 5:14-15
God wants you to use prayer to accomplish certain things, therefore the secret is to not merely throw random arrows into the air and hope for the best. You don't have because you don't ask, James wrote. You ask incorrectly, so you do not receive James 4:3. Your prayers must be founded on God's Word if you wish to always hit the target when you pray.

By anticipating and having firmly fixed in your heart what God's will is, you can approach the throne of grace with confidence Hebrews 4:16.

Finding the promise or promises that apply to your situation in God's Word is the first step in praying prayers that have an impact. Then, with courage and assurance, send that prayer like an arrow to the target.

This idea is applicable to all aspects of prayer. Do you require physical healing? Do not pray in accordance with medical advice or teachings from your religion. "By His stripes, I am healed," say in prayer see first Peter 2:24. Thank the Lord for bringing about my body's healing. Help me receive it right away. I appreciate it and give You praise.

Have you had a money problem? Pray for the solution, not the issue! Pray, "Thank You, God, that You have said You will fulfill all my needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. You have promised to provide for me according to Your riches in glory." In the name of Jesus, I hereby invoke this pledge Philippians 4:19.
Your trust will be activated when you concentrate on the solution.

Step No. 2: Believingly Embrace Your Prayers

And you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer if you believe you will. Matt. 21:22

Submerging your prayers in faith is the next step in effective prayer when you start praying from God's Word. This indicates that having confidence in what you get without expecting a manifestation is not faith.

At first, this could seem challenging, but as you continue to put your faith into practice, it will become second nature to you. The following are some quick tips for incorporating faith into your prayers:

When you pray, believe you get.
The Bible is always accurate. If He declares it completed, it is. Therefore, while you pray, start to shift your perspective from thinking He can to thinking He will.
Speak It
Before witnessing the outward manifestation of your prayers being answered, begin your confession of faith. Then, remain steadfast in your confession. Do not express doubt one day and faith the next. Hold on firmly; don't let go; and, despite temptation, speak only the Word about your circumstance.
Take action
The 10 lepers who had come to Jesus seeking healing were cleansed when He instructed them to present themselves to the priests. They didn't wait for Him to act while they just stood there. They followed His instructions exactly. As He had spoken, they obeyed. That is how one exercises faith.
The woman who had a blood issue experienced the same thing. When she stretched out to touch His robe to get her healing, she was acting on her faith. Results came when faith was put into practice and was acted upon.
When he lost his voice while delivering a protracted series of sermons in Jamaica, Kenneth Copeland put these procedures into action. He took these actions to immerse his prayers in faith rather than ending the sessions. He first discovered the texts that offered him hope for recovery. He then put his faith to use. Lord, my voice would not say that I am healed if I were to ask it. The people here would deny that I had been healed if I asked them. I've asked Your WORD and I believe I have received it in the Name of Jesus, not my body.

Although he couldn't see it or feel it, he was aware of it. He immediately stepped back outside to the pulpit where he praised God while whispering into the microphone. He resumed speaking, and he continued to preach!

You will always come out on top when you act in faith with that kind of tenacious steadfastness based on God's Word.

Step Three: Put an end to fear.

"For even though we are made of flesh, we do not fight like it. Because they are strong in God and capable of bringing down strongholds, our weapons of war are not carnal. Second Corinthians 10:3-5
Satan is a skilled con artist. But because he lacks any actual power, he is forced to adopt the same old strategies. Mainly—fear.

Fear is crippling. It will prevent you from receiving, hamper your faith in God's Word, and rob you of THE BLESSING. Satan, however, is always in error. Worship the Lord. He is, constantly. He hasn't yet been honest with you.

Fear and uncertainty cannot be part of your lexicon if you wish to experience success in your prayer life. You don't always have to express your full opinion! Furthermore, you don't need to say things that aren't genuine. Let your "Yes" be "Yes," and your "No" be "No," said Jesus Matthew 5:37, Everything outside of that is a product of evil. Revisit your vocabulary before speaking from God's Word.

Refuse to let uncertainty and worry creep into your thoughts. The Bible declares that you are capable of doing so 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

The devil will continue to rap on your door, but you don't have to answer. "I can't stop the birds from flying over my head, but they sure don't get to nest in my hair," Brother Hagin once said.

Don't listen when Satan or others try to convince you to change your position on the Christian religion. Say "I refuse to be afraid or doubtful. I am free because I am standing firmly on the truth.

Fourth step: Visualize Yourself Succeeding

You'll become affluent after that, and you'll succeed well after that. Jude 1:8
Seeing oneself achieve and claiming what you are believing for is a necessary component of having faith for prayer to be effective. Does this imply that you perceive naturally? No. It implies that you perceive it via spiritual eyes. When you are able to truly see something, not just mentally but also spiritually, it becomes as real to you as a physical manifestation. That particular brand of fervent praying produces tangible outcomes.

According to Dr. Bill Winston, God told Abraham, "As far as you can see, I'll give you." You don't have a right to it until you see it. There cannot be restoration without revelation. To possess it, you must first see it.

Avoiding locations, people, and events that promote failure is a necessary component of seeing yourself succeed. People who constantly complain about failing are impossible to be around. You'll eventually pick it up.

Determine to succeed right away. Stop preparing for failure. Never make a what-if plan. Create a plan for success, a plan for winning, and a plan to get all you're asking God for. As far as your religion will allow, do so. You shouldn't use the word "I can't" very often.

Step No. 5: Testify That Your Prayer Was Answered

And they defeated him with the testimony of the witnesses and the blood of the Lamb. Rev. 12:11.
This scripture explains that there are two ways in which we might defeat the enemy's schemes and schemes: by the blood of Jesus and by the word of our testimony (speaking it out). Everything you require has been paid for by the shed blood of Jesus, and as a born-again believer, you are entitled to those things.

Our liberties are being stolen, killed, and destroyed by an adversary, though. He has already been defeated in part by Jesus, and all we need to do is use words. To reach this point in developing effective prayer, you've made a lot of progress. Never give up now!

When you share a story of a prayer being heard, you accomplish two things:

You seize what is legitimately yours. Everything that Jesus' death on the cross bought for you is yours to keep. Your life will start to change once you witness that right.
Your example of faith will inspire others and strengthen their faith. Jesus instructed the demon-possessed man to return home and tell his family about everything the Lord had done for him Mark 5:18-20.


Sixth Step: Get Involved in Helping Others

The expression of faith in love is all that matters, according to this statement. in Galatians 5:6

So far, we've discovered that faith is the source of effective prayer. We can now see that love is the basis for faith. In other words, we must demonstrate our faith by acting with compassion toward others if we want it to be strong enough to have an impact on our prayer life.
As we help others, our faith grows stronger. Therefore, if you're standing and praying for anything, try to help someone else. Share with someone else what Jesus has accomplished for you. When you do, all of your issues will appear to roll away and fold into themselves.

The ability to use God's power to meet people's needs on every level of life—spirit, soul, body, financially, and socially—is what is meant by true prosperity.

Step No. 7: Get on the giving end

Giving brings about receiving. Luke 6:38.
Start by participating in prayer that produces results if you want to be the one who benefits from it.
Why does that matter?

Pray for someone else's healing if you need to be healed. James 5:16. You will be measured back in the same manner that you measured out. The Bible claims that God is love. Go tell someone else's child about salvation if you want your kids to be more spiritually active. If you need more time, give what you have to God and ask Him to redeem it for you; He will give it back to you in plenty. God will give you more light as long as you continue to walk in it.

Give and it will be given to you again, according to Jesus.
God is seeking a vessel through which He can pour out His blessings. You give more the more He gives. You can develop into a wealthy blessing who gives as well as receives. You'll be in a position for prayer to be answered if you'll put the other side of the equation out of your head and concentrate on offering.


In conclusion:

If you make up your mind to follow these seven suggestions, your prayers will always be answered. All you need to do is cultivate the kind of accepting faith that acknowledges what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross. You no longer need to strive in your prayer room. Approach God's throne with confidence!

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