Breaking the Chains of the Past: Your Path to Resolving Deep-rooted Issues In Other Peoples Lives!

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“No one who has…scabs.” Lev 21:18, 20 NLT

Unresolved issues are like hidden weights that burden our hearts and minds, limiting our ability to live fully and embrace the present. They are the wounds that haven't healed, the scars we've learned to hide, and the pains we try to ignore. Yet, to help others navigate their own unresolved issues, we must first confront and address our own. This journey of healing is not just for ourselves, but for those we hope to uplift and guide on their path to wholeness.

The Credibility of Wholeness

In the journey of aiding others with their struggles, our own healing becomes our testimony. Just as we wouldn't trust a doctor who remains unhealed while attempting to treat our ailments, our credibility lies in experiencing the healing power we offer. It's not that God won't use us in our brokenness, but the broken who have been mended become the true healers. Before we can extend a hand to others, we must allow God to mend our own hearts, replenish our spirits, and renew our minds.

Speaking from Victory, Not Defeat

It's challenging to speak of victory when we're personally entrenched in defeat. When our own wounds are still bleeding and our emotions are in turmoil, our perspective becomes clouded. Attempting to apply aggressive faith to others' lives feels disingenuous when our faith itself is wavering. Psalm 147:3 reminds us that God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. As we allow Him to heal us, we gain the authority to speak from a place of victory and assurance.

Becoming Whole: The Priestly Journey

In the Old Testament, a priest could not serve if they had an unhealed wound or scab. This principle holds profound spiritual significance even today. Such a priest would not be spiritually equipped, hindering their ability to minister effectively. Moreover, the unhealed wound created barriers; physical contact was to be avoided to prevent further harm. Similarly, unresolved issues can isolate us from those we seek to help, and from God Himself. They drain our strength, hinder our authenticity, and lead us down a path of insecurity.

Escaping the Cycle of Hypocrisy and Control

Unresolved issues often force us into a cycle of hypocrisy and control. To protect our unhealed wounds, we build walls to hide our vulnerabilities. We become so focused on projecting an image of strength that we lose sight of our true selves. This leads to living dual lives, one that we present to the world and another that conceals our struggles. The fear of rejection drives us further into isolation, amplifying the pain we seek to escape. And in the midst of it all, we lose our authenticity and, ironically, control over our own lives.

The Danger of Neglecting Self-Care

A perilous pitfall in helping others with their unresolved issues is neglecting our own self-care. Pouring out without replenishing leads to burnout and further exacerbates our own unhealed wounds. This is comparable to being too busy to tend to an unhealed scab while caring for everyone else. The irony is that as we devote ourselves to helping others, we neglect the very healing and restoration we desperately need. It's a cycle that perpetuates pain and hinders growth.

Embracing the Journey of Healing

The journey towards healing, while challenging, is one of hope and transformation. It's an opportunity to shed the weight of unresolved issues and emerge as stronger, wiser individuals. Through God's healing touch, we can regain our authenticity, reclaim our joy, and rebuild our lives. As we navigate this journey, we become equipped to guide others with a depth of empathy and understanding that only the healed can offer.



In conclusion, the journey of dealing with unresolved issues is a personal and yet universal one. It's a journey that begins with acknowledging our own wounds, seeking God's healing touch, and allowing ourselves to be made whole. By confronting our pain, we gain the credibility and authority to extend a helping hand to others. We break free from the cycle of hypocrisy and control, and we embrace the transformative power of self-care.

May we all embark on this journey of healing, letting go of our unhealed wounds and emerging as healers who lead with authenticity, empathy, and unwavering faith. Remember, you are not alone on this path; God is the ultimate healer, and His restoration knows no bounds.

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