Are Demonic Altars Holding You Back? Here’s How to Break Free

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Are Demonic Altars Holding You Back? Here’s How to Break Free


In the spiritual realm, altars have a unique language. They possess the power to shape destinies, influence circumstances, and even manipulate relationships. Understanding the speakings of altars is crucial for anyone seeking to navigate the spiritual landscape effectively. In this article, we will delve deep into the concept of altars and their influence, drawing insights from scripture and life experiences. By the end of this journey, you will gain a profound understanding of how altars speak and how you can unlock blessings in your life.

Altars and Their Vocabulary:

Altars, whether divine or demonic, possess a voice that transcends the physical realm. When sacrifices are placed on altars, they trigger utterances in the spiritual dimension. These utterances have the potential to shape territories, destinies, and even initiate seasons in individuals' lives and communities. Understanding the vocabulary of altars is crucial, as it allows us to discern the utterances spoken and their impact on our lives.

Symptoms of Altar Speakings:

  1. Spiritual Smell: One of the most intriguing symptoms of altar speakings is the spiritual smell associated with them. Just as Isaac blessed Jacob and declared that his smell was as the smell of a field blessed by the Lord, altars release spiritual aromas. These smells can be blessings or reproaches, and they have the power to open or close doors in one's life.
    • Application: Have you ever wondered why opportunities seem to slip through your fingers or relationships end abruptly? It may be due to the spiritual smell associated with you. Understanding this concept can help you identify and rectify spiritual obstacles.
  2. Seasonal Productivity: Altar speakings are often linked to seasons. Just as a tree brings forth its fruit in its appointed season, blessings manifest in alignment with divine timing. It's essential to recognize that delayed blessings do not equate to denied blessings. Instead, they indicate the need for patience and persistence.
    • Application: If you find yourself waiting for a long time for a breakthrough, it's crucial to discern whether you're in the right season. Consistency in your spiritual practices and trust in divine timing are keys to unlocking blessings.

Counteracting Negative Altar Speakings:

  1. Priesthood of Light: To counteract the negative speakings of altars, one must become a priest of light. Just as altars can have priests who manage them, individuals can take on the role of a priest of righteousness and establish counter altars. These counter altars bring blessings and divine favor into the spiritual landscape.
    • Application: If you suspect that negative altar speakings are affecting your life, consider taking on the role of a priest of light. Devote yourself to righteous living and spiritual practices to bring about positive changes.
  2. Divine Discernment: Developing spiritual discernment is crucial in identifying the source and nature of altar speakings. By cultivating a deep connection with the divine and honing your discernment abilities, you can navigate the spiritual realm more effectively.
    • Application: Spend time in prayer, meditation, and scripture study to enhance your spiritual discernment. This will enable you to distinguish between blessings and curses.
Conclusion:Altars are not mere physical structures but powerful entities with the ability to speak into our lives. Understanding their vocabulary and recognizing the symptoms of altar speakings is essential for spiritual growth and breakthroughs. By embracing the priesthood of light and developing divine discernment, you can counteract negative altar speakings and unlock blessings in your life.

Remember, blessings come in their appointed season, and delay does not equal denial. Stay consistent in your spiritual journey, trust in divine timing, and watch as the speakings of altars align with your destiny.

As you embark on this journey of spiritual understanding, may you find favor and blessings in abundance.


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