Unveiling the Source of Anointing: Why Scars and Pain Hold the Key to True Power – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman, The Transformative Power of Travail: Unlocking Authentic Power and Anointing through Endurance
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In this blog post, Apostle Joshua Selman unveils a profound truth rooted in scripture—the transformative power of travail. Drawing from biblical references and personal insights, he delves into the significance of enduring seasons of pain and struggle in the pursuit of authentic power and anointing. With engaging scriptural references, we embark on a journey to discover the hidden treasures that lie within the depths of these transformative seasons.



The Purpose of Travail

Apostle Joshua Selman emphasizes the indispensable role of travail in shaping and molding individuals to become vessels capable of hosting the immense power and possibilities of the Divine. Contrary to popular belief, authentic power and anointing are not attained through shortcuts or instant gratification. Instead, they are forged through the crucible of travail—a process that stretches every aspect of our being and compels us to seek God with unwavering conviction.



Scriptural Foundations

Throughout the blog post, Apostle Joshua Selman weaves in scriptural references that underscore the validity and significance of travail in the lives of spiritual giants. From the experiences of Abraham, who patiently endured years of barrenness and shame, to the journey of Moses, who encountered God face to face in the wilderness, the Scriptures reveal a consistent pattern of travailing before attaining authentic power.




The Personal Revelation of God

One of the key benefits of seasons of travail, as Apostle Joshua Selman explains, is the personal revelation of who God truly is. These experiences dismantle superficial knowledge and theories about God, allowing individuals to encounter Him intimately and develop an authentic relationship based on personal encounters. No longer dependent on second-hand accounts, believers are invited to explore the depths of their own encounters with the Divine, fostering a unique and personal language of worship and praise.




The Formation of Conviction

Travail serves as the training ground for developing unshakable convictions. Through the trials and tribulations of these seasons, individuals are refined and strengthened, solidifying their unwavering commitment to the Divine. True conviction, born out of personal encounters and experiences with God, transcends mere knowledge and theory, enabling believers to stand firm in their faith and become dispensers of His power and possibilities.



Track Record and Authentic Power

Apostle Joshua Selman emphasizes the importance of a track record in the journey towards authentic power. The seasons of travail and the scars endured along the way serve as a testament to one's faithfulness and commitment to God. These experiences become the foundation upon which the anointing is poured, and miracles are birthed. True power is not obtained through charisma or external success but through a deep-rooted covenant with God established through the trials and travails of life.





In this thought-provoking blog post, Apostle Joshua Selman encourages believers to embrace the transformative power of travail. Through scriptural references and personal insights, he unveils the path to authentic power and anointing. Travail is not to be feared or avoided, but rather embraced with courage and a willingness to go through the refining process. It is through these seasons that personal revelation, unshakable conviction, and a track record are developed, paving the way for a life marked by authentic power and anointing.




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