Going Through a Dry Spell in Your Relationship with God? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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In the reality of the times we live in, many people view God as a necessary burden on their path to finding fulfillment and relevance. However, neglecting the things of God can lead to spiritual tragedy. In this blog post, we will explore the vital signs of spiritual retrogression and provide practical insights to help believers recognize and overcome the decline in their spiritual lives based on Apostle Joshua Selman's Teaching.



Understanding the Issue of Backsliding and Retrogression:

Backsliding and retrogression refer to a decline in one's spiritual fervor, passion, and adherence to godly standards. Even individuals who started their spiritual journey well can find themselves losing their fire, vigor, and passion over time. The Bible is filled with examples of individuals who started well but lost their way, indicating the possibility of spiritual retrogression.




Importance of a Strong Relationship with God:

Before delving into Kingdom truths and spiritual growth, it is crucial to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with God. Our spiritual state of heart must be intact for any discussion on the things of God to be meaningful. Without a solid foundation in our relationship with God, the pursuit of understanding Kingdom principles becomes futile.





Identifying Vital Signs of Spiritual Retrogression:

  1. Significant Deviation from Love for God and His Kingdom: When there is a noticeable deviation from love for God and the things related to His Kingdom, it is a vital sign that something is amiss in your spiritual life. The degree to which you press into the things of God and joyfully pursue Him is an indicator of your passion for Him. If activities related to God become inconvenient and merely ritualistic, it reveals a decline in spiritual fervor.
  2. Self-centered Living vs. Christ-centered Living: A key vital sign of spiritual retrogression is a shift from Christ-centered living to self-centered living. When self becomes the center of focus and the desire to glorify oneself overrides the desire to glorify God, it is a dangerous shift. True Christ-centered living requires selflessness and a willingness to surrender personal ambitions for the sake of glorifying Jesus.
  3. Consistent Ever-Increasing Compromise of Values and Godly Standards: Consistently compromising on one's values and godly standards is a clear indication of spiritual retrogression. This compromise often starts small and gradually increases over time. When values and standards that were once held dear are compromised for personal gain, comfort, or worldly pursuits, it reveals a decline in spiritual integrity.
  4. Decline in Spiritual Convictions: A decline in spiritual convictions is another vital sign of spiritual retrogression. When doubts and skepticism arise regarding previously held spiritual beliefs and convictions, it becomes challenging to maintain a vibrant spiritual life. Mocking the truth and questioning its relevance indicate a drifting away from spiritual truths.
  1. Neglect of Spiritual Disciplines and Pursuits: Neglecting spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, studying the Word of God, and participating in fellowship is a strong indicator of spiritual retrogression. These disciplines are essential for maintaining a healthy spiritual life. When they are consistently neglected, it hinders growth and leaves one vulnerable to further decline.






Overcoming Spiritual Retrogression:

  1. Repentance and Realignment with God: Genuine repentance and surrender before God are essential for a new beginning. Acknowledge the areas where you have drifted and ask for forgiveness. Turn back to God with a sincere desire to realign your ways with His will.
  2. Renewing Love for God and His Kingdom: Rediscover your love for God and His Kingdom by seeking Him wholeheartedly. Cultivate a passion for prayer, worship, and the study of His Word. Let your pursuit of God be fueled by a genuine desire to know Him more intimately and to see Him glorified in your life.
  3. Surrendering Self and Embracing Christ-centered Living: Release the desire to be the center of your own destiny. Surrender your ambitions, reputation, and achievements to God. Embrace a Christ-centered mindset where your ultimate motivation is to see Jesus glorified and revealed in and through your life.
  4. Strengthening Spiritual Convictions through the Word of God: Rebuild your spiritual convictions by immersing yourself in the Word of God. Meditate on Scripture, allowing it to shape your beliefs and values. Let the truth of God's Word anchor your convictions and guide your decisions.
  5. Reviving Spiritual Disciplines and Pursuits: Revitalize your spiritual life by prioritizing spiritual disciplines and pursuits. Make prayer, fasting, studying the Word, and fellowship with believers integral parts of your routine. Embrace these practices with diligence, knowing that they contribute to your spiritual growth and vitality.





In Conclusion:

Recognizing the vital signs of spiritual retrogression is crucial for believers to maintain a vibrant and fruitful spiritual life. By identifying these signs and implementing the steps to overcome spiritual decline, individuals can realign their hearts with God and experience a renewed passion for Him. Let us remain vigilant and committed to nurturing our relationship with God, guarding against compromise, and pursuing a Christ-centered life.




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