The Hidden Power of Prayer: Ignite Your Spiritual Fire Now!

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The Hidden Power of Prayer: Ignite Your Spiritual Fire Now!

Today, I want to show you three burdens that people who carry Revival bear on their shoulders. The first of those burdens is prayer. If you want to be continually baptized in Revival, prayer must become your language. It was Jesus himself who taught us in the gospel the way to energize the flesh is by prayer. A generation that seeks Revival must be a generation of prayer. There has never been a move of God anywhere without prayer. There has never been a move of God without the sacrifice of intercession. There has never been a move of God except as a generation prays. And woe unto a generation that fails on the altar.

You may look at yourself and say, "I'm a giant. I'm a good-looking man." When they show you who you are in the spirit, you'll discover you are a slave. That's why the writer of the book of ecclesiastes calls it an abomination. He said, "Princes are trifling, while beggars are riding on horses." This is because we have reduced our value system to what our brains are telling us.

We are bigger than what we think we are. It is only God who can reveal our true potentials. It's only God who can tell us our true status in the realm. Everything we have called ourselves is a lie. But the devil will make us feel we are doing well because we cover our blemishes, have a good haircut, go to the gym, and dress in luxury. We think we are succeeding.

When they show you your reality from beyond the stars, you will discover you are a prince in the realm of God. But you will not scratch the surface until your spirit is revived, until your soul is revived, and until your body is revived. But for you to be revived, you must pay the price of prayer. As Jesus said, "Pray that you fall not into temptation."

Three times in one night, Jesus went and prostrated himself and kept praying and kept praying until the fire fell. The Bible says Angels came and strengthened Him. The moment strength came, He stood up, ready, and nothing could stop Him anymore. Every generation that walked in the path of Revival was a praying generation.

The Significance of the Altar

If you want to see a generation that Revival is upon, check their altar. The altar is the first indicator that Revival is by the corner. So, a generation seeking Revival, which is a generation that wants to walk in their full potential, is a praying generation. Genesis 4:26 tells us, "Men began to call upon the name of the Lord." God waits to see the hunger of that generation; it is the generation that initiates it. "My people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray; I will hear." God comes down when He sees that you have recognized that your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak, and you are willing to humble yourself and say, "Father, help me."

For you to access your true potential, you must come to the point where you acknowledge that your spirit is willing, but your flesh is weak. That understanding takes you to the altar. Without this acknowledgment, you are not ready for Revival.

The Role of Altars in Revival

When you study the life of Abraham, you will find that he raised altars unto the Lord at significant points in his journey. The moment you start raising altars, the fire begins to fall. If you don't raise altars, the fire will not fall. The altars became an eternal memorial, and they played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of the nation of Israel.

The key to Revival is prayer. A generation that seeks Revival must pay the price of prayer. The fathers of old knew this, and they did it. Every time the fire of God fell, it was preceded by intense prayer and intercession. Prayer is not just a simple act; it is a demonstration of sacrifice in the realm of God.

Prayer as a Sacrifice

In Colossians 4:12, Paul spoke concerning Epaphras, "He is one of you, a servant of Christ, and he is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God." When God sees a person praying, He sees it as a sacrifice, an offering on the altar, and this provokes the fall of fire.

A generation seeking Revival must recognize that Revival is not achieved by preaching alone; it is achieved by prayer. History has shown that every significant move of God has been preceded by a praying generation. No matter how well you preach Revival, it will not come unless there is a foundation of fervent prayer.

The Urgency of Prayer

Prayer is an urgent matter, and its importance cannot be overstated. As intercessors, we are not just praying for ourselves but for the destiny of nations. The fate of a generation may not be known by men, but spirits are aware. The battles you are fighting in your nation may require the intervention of spiritual fathers who have gone before. The altar is the place where heaven and earth intersect, where you connect with those who have been and those who will be.

The significance of an altar cannot be overstated. It is where you make your mark in Zion, where you become a part of a chain of intercession that spans generations. You are not just an individual; you are a witness, carrying the testimonies of the prophets who have gone before. When you speak, you speak with the weight of their utterances.


Understanding the call of God requires recognizing the significance of prayer and the role of altars in shaping the destiny of nations. A praying generation is a Revival-seeking generation. Revival is not achieved by preaching alone but by fervent prayer and intercession. As intercessors, we hold the key to unlocking Revival in our nations.

Remember, the destiny of your nation depends on your altar.

[Prayer Points]:

  • Pray for a generation that seeks Revival to rise up in prayer.
  • Ask God to ignite a passion for fervent prayer in your heart.
  • Seek the Lord for a deeper understanding of the significance of altars in your life and nation.
  • Pray for the fire of God to fall and bring Revival to your land.

As you engage in prayer, remember that you are part of a legacy of intercessors who have shaped the destiny of nations. Your altar is a place of power, where you connect with heaven and earth, and where Revival is ignited. May your prayers usher in a season of Revival and transformation in your life and nation.

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